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First State Bank offers a variety of services to fit your banking needs.

Online Banking


Bank with a Web Browser from any Personal Computer. All activity is personal, confidential and completely secured.

  • Account Balances and Historical Information
  • Downloads to Quicken and Money
  • Fund Transfers and Loan Payments
  • Pending ACH and Auto Debit Transactions
  • Much More


Security Information

TeleWeb utilizes the latest computer and security technology to ensure that all customer account information remains secure and accurate. The two components of TeleWeb, TelePC Server which resides on a TeleBank system, and the TeleWeb Server Network which resides in a secure location at AudioTel Corporation Headquarters, both implement strict security controls.


Account Access Controls

TeleBank maintains controls for the way in which each customer may access accounts. These controls are maintained through settings on the host software, downloaded to TeleBank, and within the TeleBank interface. Restrictions may be placed on account access and transfer rights. TeleWeb adheres to these restrictions on the TeleWeb Server Network and then verifies them on TelePC Server.


Password Protection

A customer is only allowed to access account information on TeleWeb with a valid login consisting of a customer number and PIN. Only customers who have been enabled for TeleWeb will be allowed access and only data for these customers will be transferred to the TeleWeb Server Network. After three simultaneous invalid PIN entries for a customer, access will be disabled for the customer preventing unauthorized access by a third party. Once disabled, only bank personnel may re-enable access through the TeleBank interface.


Secure Communication

All communication between the customer and the TeleWeb Server Network are conducted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. SSL provides data encryption, server authentication, and message integrity for the entire banking session. This assures that somebody will not be able to eavesdrop on the session, that the customer is connected with the TeleWeb Server Network and not an imposter, and that all information received will be accurate. Additional information on SSL may be found here.

Account information is transferred from TelePC Server to the TeleWeb Server Network via the TelePC Virtual Private Network (TelePCnet). TelePCnet is a secure private communication channel established over the public Internet. All data transmitted on TelePCnet is encrypted using keys known only to TelePC Server and the TeleWeb Server Network. A large private key is used to establish this secure connection. Once this private key has been exchanged, a 128-bit session key is generated and used only for the remainder of the current session. After a secure TelePCnet connection has been established, the TeleWeb Server Network authenticates TelePC Server with a unique Bank ID. These methods insure that all conversations are private between known parties and may not be intercepted or repeated.

TelePCnet utilizes the Blowfish Encryption Algorithm to encrypt all communications. Details on the Blowfish Encryption Algorithm may be found here.


Network Security

The TeleWeb Server Network is comprised of several components including a Firewall, Screening Router, Proxy Server, Web Server, and Database Server. The Firewall and Screening Router work in tandem ensuring that only authorized request are allowed to reach the Web Server. Any suspicious activity will result in access being denied and is logged for later review. The Proxy Server acts as an intermediary between the Web Server and the Internet. All requests are passed to the Web Server on behalf of the client and back to the client on behalf of the Web Server. This ensures that access directly to the Web Server is not possible significantly reducing the possibility of unauthorized access. The Database Server, where all account information is stored, is only accessible through request made by the Web Server. Access to account information is only allowed through the Web Server Banking interface.

Online Bill-Pay


Login to Online Bill-Pay



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Consumer Loans


Buy a new car or go on a vacation with the help of a personal consumer loan!

Commercial Loans


Expand your existing business or start up a new business!

Agriculture Loans


Livestock, real estate, and machinery and equipment loans!

E Statements


Email notification that bank statements are available for you to print at your convenience

Quickbook Compatibility


Your internet banking is compatible with QuickBooks. Simply use the export function in your transaction tab to import into QuickBooks.

ACH Origination


Streamline payments, improve collectability and reduce transaction costs and check fraud with electronic payments and collections.


What is ACH origination?

ACH Origination is an easy and cost-effective way to help customers manage the following:

  • Transfers to and from accounts outside of First State Bank
  • Loan Payments to and from outside accounts
  • Payroll disbursements via Direct Deposit
  • Federal and State tax payments
  • Make and collect business-to-business payments
  • Monthly charitable donations and more.


Why would I use it?

ACH Origination is ideal for any business or consumer that wants to streamline bookkeeping and reduce the hassle and expense of making all payments by check.


How will you benefit?

  • Save money by eliminating excessive check writing and handling. There’s no printing, postage or storage cost.
  • Save costly back-office time by reducing account reconciliation.
  • Eliminate expensive “stop payment” fees due to lost checks.
  • Reduce fraud exposure due to lost or stolen checks.
  • Get more accurate cash flow projections because you control the timing of payments.

First State Bank can provide you with an application to allow you to create and/or upload your ACH files directly to us for processing. Come in or call for more information and to see if ACH Origination may be right for you.

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